Before grills, stainless steel, gas and charcoal, was the barbecue pit. This particular way of barbecuing is one that was effective in getting a fired up meal that had the taste of the fire. While more options for barbecuing have recently been found, the barbecue pit still remains a main stay for those who love to barbecue.

The joy of the barbecue pit is that it is simple to build on your own and can be used as effectively as any other type of grill. You can also use different sources in order to put together the barbecue pit, including bricks, metal or the simple outdoors. For those that want an efficient barbecue pit, you can also find blue prints in order to put together a barbecue pit.

One of the great things about a barbecue pit is that it doesn’t take up as much room as a grill and is effective in putting everything together. The first thing to do is to find a location that will work for the pit. Having something that is closer to your kitchen or home is going to be easier to maintain as well as to use with the kitchen nearby.

After you have this, you can begin to dig out the pit. You will want to create a hole that is around four feet wide on each side and is about four inches deep. In order to make sure that the hole doesn’t cave in, you can put wood forms on each side, allowing the form to stay. Some also recommend to put a cement bottom, allowing the dirt to stay out of the food and creating a solid foundation for the barbecue. You can also place the cement on the side of the pit in order to keep the foundation in the right place. Some also recommend to put a slope on one side of the pit, which will allow water and snow to not go inside of the hole.

From this point, you can determine the pattern that you want for your barbecue pit, then lay the bricks or metal around the pit at the desired height. You can pattern the material however fits best, keeping in mind that you want the bricks to be the right height and width in order to barbecue properly.

As soon as the mortar from the bricks dries and everything is placed together sturdily, you can begin using your barbecue pit. Now you will have an option to fire up different tastes to home made meals and to enjoy the outdoors taste of your meals.