For those that are looking for more than greener pastures with their barbecue, it’s time to move away from the pig and cow and fly towards the chicken. Creating the perfect barbecue chicken can help you to enjoy a different taste with your meat, and one that is popular in almost every region and culture.

The large advantage of barbecue chicken is the texture of the meat. Unlike pork or beef, it is a thinner meat, allowing the barbecue to settle in quicker and the meat to cook faster. Most chicken also carries a certain tenderness to it that other types of meat don’t. This is because of the type of meat as well as the use of a small set of wings instead of a large and more muscular animal.

When you are cooking barbecue chicken, it is these same advantages on the grill that you also have to look out for. Because chicken is much smaller and thinner with the meat texture, it is more important to watch with the heating as well as with knowing when the meat is well done.

The way to make sure that this works in your favor is to keep the barbecue chicken grilling at a lower temperature with smaller flames. This will allow everything to get cooked all the way through and to allow the spices and barbecue to be more effective with the chicken. The skin on the chicken will also not be charred because of the need to cook all the way through the meat while creating the right flavor. Cooking at an average of 250 degrees for two to three hours will help to get this perfect mix.

Of course, others will recommend other options for getting the chicken cooked right. Boiling the chicken first, covering the grill with foil or marinating the chicken first will all help to make sure that the entire chicken gets cooked without having to go for the extra long time period while cooking.

If you are working with barbecues and sauces, you will also want to be careful of when you apply the sauce. Marinades is what will give the richer taste to the chicken and rubs are also a great way to add in some extra flavor while the chicken is on the grill. However, if you decide to use a sauce, make sure that you do it afterwards, as putting a sauce on while it is cooking will cause the chicken to burn.

With all of these different factors, you can make the task of cooking chicken easier and more effective. The result will be well cooked meat from a bird that has some of the best flavor in the business.